Love is a battlefield. [ficlet]

“John, it’s almost ten o’clock. Let’s go to bed.“

“Oh, honey, can’t you see I’m in the middle of something? I’ll join you later. Just remember to wake me up before you go go. I have a meeting tomorrow morning.”

My wife positioned herself in front of me so that she was blocking the computer monitor where I was currently busy customizing my weapons on World of Warcraft. I opened my mouth to complain and then noticed that she was wearing something that looked like it was made out of tissue paper. It was black and very, very see-through. I couldn’t help myself – I stared at her with hungry eyes.

“Don’t you love me anymore?” She pouted. “I’ve been the owner of a lonely heart for months now.”

How could I resist such a request?

“All I want is you,” I told her, and then I endeavored to show her I meant it.


Much later that evening, we lay tangled up in each other.

“(I just) died in your arms,” I whispered.

She turned to me and said, “You know what they say, dear. Love is a battlefield.“

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