The Captive [ficlet]

Breath in her mouth like a caged rat. Running first this way, then that. No way out. She tried to scream, but the tape over her mouth muffled her cries. She struggled against the rope, despite the fact that it was cutting into the tender flesh of her wrists.

“I’ll ask you once more. Nicely, this time: where is it?”

The gun was pointed directly at her heart.

For a second, she debated the possibilities. She could tell him, and maybe escape with her life. But then all the money would be gone, the money that meant a way out of this godforsaken town. Out of his life. Or she could refuse. And possibly pay with her life.

He just might kill her anyways, whether she told him or not. But it was almost worth it, seeing him this desperate before her, his addiction taking complete control of him now. His pupils so dilated, they were devoid of color. The whites of his eyes shining like beams.

“Answer me!”

A bullet shot like a thunder clap.

Her eyes flashed him a response before closing forever. They said, never.

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