Hell Hath No Fury... [ficlet]

Scott avoided Kim’s eyes as he said, “Look, we both know it hasn’t been working for a while. But did you need to go and fuck my best friend?”

Her face was a rainbow of emotions. First white with shock, then scarlet with what Scott thought was embarrassment (perhaps even shame?), and finally the deeply mottled purple of her fury.

At first he worried that he’d gone too far, that she would explode in a volcano of anger that would burn everything in sight, including him. But instead, she crumpled like a doll to the floor, her body racked with sudden sobs.

“It’s just – you’ve been – so distant – lately.” Her words punctuated with little sighs.

Scott felt himself being swayed again, despite his promise to himself that he wouldn’t allow her to do this to him. Not again.

He pulled her into his arms. “There, there, Kim, it’s OK.”

She turned her face to the wall so that he couldn’t see it. Her eyes shining with what could have been tears or triumph. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” she mouthed silently.

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