Nine years is a long time.

Nine years is a long time.

Nine years ago, I was 21 and brimming with the fervor of youth and possibility.

Nine years ago, I only had one item on my Christmas Wish List. And it was a boy's name. ;)

Nine years ago, on a night like tonight, I was gathering the courage to do something I previously was too shy to do (outside of kindergarten) - tell a boy I liked him.

Nine years ago, I was writing poems about a boy with "amber-colored eyes."

Nine years ago, I used to spend 12 hours on the phone with this certain boy, foregoing food and sleep just to speak with him.

Nine years ago, I made plans with this boy to go to the movies the following night. I remember we went to see "Toy Story 2," then we bought a bottle of Merlot in a liquor store near the movie theater in Sunset Place, and went to a park near Ricky's house where we had an impromptu picnic - red wine and Taco Bell. It was one of the most delicious meals I've ever eaten. It was one of the coldest nights I've ever experienced. We huddled down in our jackets for warmth and I struggled to untie the knots on my tongue (the wine helped) and tell this boy how I felt. I don't remember who told whom first - it's all jumbled together in my memory. But I remember our first kiss. I remember how we stayed in that cold, cold park until day break, just kissing and talking. It was the first of many kisses, the first of many heart-felt conversations.

Nine years later, those kisses & conversations are still going strong. I love you, my dear MM! Happy Nine Year Anniversary!