Suspicion [ficlet]

I logged into Ficlets today for the first time in about a month only to learn that they are going to shut the website down in January. My heart immediately dropped to my stomach when I discovered this. I have pages and pages of stories, poems, rants, etc. that I have poured into that site, many of which I never backed up. So don't be surprised if you see bits and pieces of my junk popping up in my blog, like this little number, which was one of the first things I "published" on Ficlets over a year ago...

Maria sat up in bed suddenly, hugging her knees to her chest.
“Tell me why you’re leaving me.”
He sighed and would not look into her face, and so he did not see the solitary tear track its path down her cheek. Did not see the look of fear slam a door shut in her eyes. Maria gulped back a sob and hugged herself tighter.
“I just want to know why. Everything seemed to be going so well…”
Her voice trailed off as his cell phone began to ring. She always hated that stupid ring tone. And who could be calling him at this hour of night? Suspicion crept into the room on tiptoe, pointing a finger.
He stepped into the hall to take the call, putting his finger to his lips as he did so. Tears gave way to rage.
“Who is it? And who’s always calling you this late? Damnit, who is it?!”
Maria flung herself out of bed and ran into the hallway, not caring who was hearing her or seeing her yell like a madwoman in the hallway at 1 am on a Tuesday.
But her words fell like pebbles against a mountain. Just as useless and pointless.

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